Proceedings of the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy 2011

Edited by Martha Baker-Jordan, this document serves as the first published comprehensive proceedings from the conference since 1995.

The Proceedings includes:

  • Full transcripts of all accepted papers
  • Abstracts of accepted research poster presentations
  • Transcripts of plenary sessions
  • Reports and transcripts in various formats from pre-conference seminars and workshops
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A Piano Teacher's Legacy: Selected Writings by Richard Chronister

Richard Chronister was one of the pedagogy greats of his time. During the last forty years of the 20th century, he was a driving force for better piano teaching and better training of piano teachers. His influence reached from large universities to small independent studios, and his name was linked with both the most basic principles and the most recent research.

His accomplishments were legendary. He started the first university degree program in piano pedagogy, served on six different faculties, and developed a new piano method. He was co-founder of the National Conference on Piano Pedagogy and the founder and editor of Keyboard Companion magazine. All his professional life he asked searching questions, such as:

  • How can I build on children's innate love of music?
  • How can I teach so that my students keep learning, practicing and making music?
  • How can I teach my students to become independent learners?
  • What can I apply to my teaching from discoveries of the past and of my own time?
  • How can I become an acute observer of what my students are doing?
  • And of what teachers whom I observe are doing?
  • And of what I am doing as a teacher?

This compendium contains Chronister's best answers to these questions and many more. They come from his articles, addresses and lectures. Whether speaking or writing, his style is always lucid, informal and engaging. He never pretends to have the final answer, and invited his audience to consider his advice and reach their own conclusions.

This book deserves a place in the library of every serious piano teacher!

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Questions and Answers: Practical Advice for Piano Teachers

For over 26 years piano teachers relied on Frances Clark's column in Clavier magazine for insightful, inspiring answers to their questions. Some of her best advice on subjects ranging from repertoire to fingering appears in this informative volume for piano teachers. Topics include: Lesson Plans, Rhythm, theory, Ear Training, Memorizing, Phrasing, Group Lessons, Recitals, Adult Students, and Transfer Students.

"Frances Clark's 'Questions and Answers' in Clavier has been a monthly source of inspiration for piano teachers since its inception. This compilation will serve as a special pedagogy text for both new and experienced teachers."

--E.L. Lancaster

"With the same morning dash reserved for Ann Landers, it has been ritual for me to open the latest issue of Clavier to the back page first for 'Questions and Answers.' The mail usually arrives minutes before my first student of the day, and it is amazing how often I have found immediate relevance in one of Frances Clark's timely topics."

--Suzanne Guy

"Those of us who value teaching value the words and thoughts of Frances Clark. She is a continuing inspiration to us and our students."

--Tony Caramia

345pp, soft cover

Price: $35.00